AWWA Releases Water Shortage Preparedness Report EPA Strategic Plan Charts Direction for Next Four Years AWWA Publishes 2014 State of the Water Industry Report EPA Grants to Assist Small Drinking Water, Wastewater Systems New York Town Completes Drinking Water Treatment Plant
July 22, 2014
LiveWell Water launched the Healthy Hydration System, a dispensing cap that allows consumers to filter and enhance their water with the company's organic HealthyPure tablets... more
July 22, 2014
World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) organizers announced four keynote talks that will provide insights on the unknown benefits of aquatics to the populations the industry... more
July 21, 2014
Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (KMS) installed its Puron HF ultrafiltration (UF) modules at a major steel mill in Inner Mongolia, China. The system is the first large application... more
July 21, 2014
HaloSource and Rain for Rent have signed a strategic partnership to provide customers with enhanced water filtration solutions. This alliance delivers customers a single-... more
July 18, 2014
When it comes to drinking water safety, many new innovations are focused on emerging contaminants. One new testing method, however, focuses on something that has plagued... more
July 18, 2014
Residential drinking water treatment unit products have many standards and protocols available to companies to demonstrate that their products have been tested and certified... more
July 18, 2014
Google, Kleenex, Xerox, Wite-Out and Seeing Eye Dogs. These household names all share a common trait: They all carry an automatic recognition stimulus to the brain, yet not... more
July 18, 2014
On April 11, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its 2014 to 2018 Strategic Plan, with goals that include protecting U.S. waters, ensuring the safety of... more
July 18, 2014
Water efficiency and sanitation for a building or campus, whether new construction or retrofit, are best achieved through a whole-building approach, with a proper emphasis... more
“The water business is in my blood,” said Jay Hellenbrand, president of Advanced Water Solutions, Ventura County, Calif., about his passion for the water industry. And indeed... more
“Be honest, be fair, and be knowledgeable.” That has been Travis Mast’s motto since he took over the day-to-day operations of Mast Water Technology in Platteville, Wis., 11... more
Although Matthew Mahany has worked in the industry for almost 15 years, the water industry was not always in his plans. His original plan was to work in the aviation industry... more
Blue Ribbon Pelham Waters has been a part of the Fort Dodge, Iowa, community for decades, but not as one business - as two. In May 2010, Steve Pederson, owner of Blue Ribbon... more

Axeon HF5 Series membranes not only offer 2,500 gpd and 98.5% rejection at 80 psi, they also have the lowest operating pressure of any polyamide membrane in the industry. That means reduced energy costs, increased system lifespan and the ability to downsize your system’s motor, making the HF5... more

  • axeon_membranes
    Axeon HF5 Series membranes not only offer 2,500 gpd and 98.5% rejection at 80 psi, they also have the lowest operating pressure of any polyamide membrane in the industry. That means reduced energy...
  • tomlinson faucets
    Designer and Contemporary faucets for reverse osmosis and water treatment systems are available in 10 designer finishes to match virtually any décor. These finishes include polished chrome, satin...
    tomlinson faucets
  • franklin electric_submersible cistern pumps
    C1 Series stainless steel submersible cistern pumps are designed for use in greywater/filtered effluent service applications, with the ability to pass solids up to 1/8 in. in diameter during normal...
    franklin electric_submersible cistern pumps
  • sensorex_ph orp probes
    S465 Series probes were designed as an alternative to Acu-Trol pH and ORP probes for swimming pool control, industrial, municipal and potable water applications. Constructed of polyphenylene sulfide...
    sensorex_ph orp probes
  • tec innovators_leak detection system
    The Leak Defender automatic water leak detection system stops power to water well pumping systems in the event a leak should occur at the well tank, manifold, water heater or any water-supplied...
    tec innovators_leak detection system
  • tomlinson_faucets
    HFSLT and HFSFT faucets can be ordered with SteriTouch technology to inhibit bacteria growth. An ionic silver-based compound manufactured into the product, the technology uses several modes of action...
  • harwil_chemical feed pump controllers
    CF-12 model chemical feed pump controllers are for low flow set point applications and pipe sizes from ¾ to 2 in. The CF-8 models are for higher set points, such as in commercial and irrigation...
    harwil_chemical feed pump controllers
  • blue white industries_ultrasonic flowmeter
    The Sonic-Pro S4 inline ultrasonic flowmeter measures flow using the Transit Time method. The technology has no moving parts and no internal liners. Pipe fittings facilitate installation of the meter...
    blue white industries_ultrasonic flowmeter
  • ceramic filters co_cfci_filter
    The AMB-9S is a 9- by 2-in.-diameter filter candle with greater than 99% reduction capacity for chloramines and lead. It also reduces various other undesirable contaminants often found in drinking...
    ceramic filters co_cfci_filter
  • h2o international_shower filter
    These shower filters are made with a proprietary blend of 100% KDF for the removal of free chlorine. Tests exceed NSF Standard 177. The line of shower filters includes a single-spray head, a five-...
    h2o international_shower filter
Consisting of PC-controlled and standalone models, Shimadzu’s TOC-L Series offers a selection of performance features and options to meet the specific requirements of total... more
Axeon Water Technologies offers a line of proprietary chemicals specially formulated to minimize the harmful effects of foulants, maximize the efficiency of systems, and... more
Axeon Water Technologies has enhanced the R1-Series reverse osmosis (RO) system offering with three new models. These systems are engineered and manufactured for commercial... more
LayneRT adsorption media is the core component of Nelsen’s arsenic reduction systems. It is a proprietary, durable, arsenic-selective media developed for efficiency and... more

Testing for heavy metals at parts per billion levels is essential to meet international established limits. To meet this need, ANDalyze Inc. has... more

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Today’s buyer has taken control of the sales cycle. With access to the Web and the information...
ARCHIVED ON DEMAND Social media is not just a new way of marketing – it’s a new way of working. Push-pull marketing is the balance between growing...
Art and water equipment – these are two terms we usually don’t hear used in the same sentence, but there are... more
Last week, Detroit residents marched outside Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s office to protest a controversial... more
If you were hoping for a blog on the Loch Ness Monster or maybe some B-movie from the ‘50s after reading that... more
Imagine settling into your favorite restaurant, pub or even lunch counter. You are hungry or thirsty, and... more
Getting found on the Web is harder than it has ever been. Ensure that you are covering the basics of your Web... more
The primary definition of the word “season” on is: “One of the four periods of the year (... more

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