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slovenia, drinking water, legal right, constitution, legislation
Dec 7 2016

Slovenia has amended its constitution to make access to drinkable water a fundamental right for all citizens and to stop it from being...

legislation, augusta, maine, drinking water, arsenic, bill, vachon
Dec 7 2016

A group of state legislators introduced a new bill Thursday morning in Augusta, Maine, to reduce residents' exposure to arsenic in their drinking...

nrg dickerson, potomac river, sheen, drinking water, spill
Dec 6 2016

The Unified Command, led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has identified the NRG Dickerson Power Plant in Maryland as the source...

Dec 5 2016

Join the staff of AdEdge as they answer questions about 33 questions about arsenic. #33daysofarsenic

iowa, fund, charles city, mayor, jim erb, funding, water quality
Dec 5 2016

Charles City, Iowa, Mayor Jim Erb has requested help from state officials to resolve water quality concerns in his community. Six years after...

wqa, prize, presidential suite, enter, register, convention, details, 2017
Dec 5 2016

The Water Quality Assn. (WQA) announced that attendees who register for the 2017 WQA Convention & Exposition during the month of December...

rutgers university, research, crystals, contaminated water, heavy metals
Dec 2 2016

A science team led by researchers at Rutgers University discovered a new tool for removing contaminants from water. Tiny glowing crystals designed...

drinking water, u.s., plan, safety, reliability, epa
Dec 2 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a plan that serves as a national call to action, urging all levels of government,...

Dec 2 2016

Dr. Ronit Erlitzki, Business Development Director at AdEdge, joins in to discuss why communities should be concerned about ammonia, and a...


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The number of women involved in the water industry is growing - and we want to hear more about these women! In the past, I have blogged about the...
Over the past few months, social media has been filled with political posts in the U.S. People have been openly sharing their adoration or disdain...
It's a topic that has come up at many a water treatment industry event: Many water treatment professionals are reaching retirement age. This fact...