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As the commercial bottled water industry continues to gain momentum, public drinking fountains are disappearing. Water Quality Products Assistant Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with Dr. Peter H. Gleick, cofounder and president of the Pacific Institute, to find out how the institute hopes to encourage users to document and utilize existing public water fountains using the WeTap mobile app.

Amy McIntosh: How does the WeTap app work?


Mobile app helps users map drinking fountains

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Dr. Peter H. Gleick is co-founder and president of the Pacific Insitute. Gleick can be reached at pgleick@pacinst.org or 510.251.1600.

Amy McIntosh is assistant editor for Water Quality Products. McIntosh can be reached at amcintosh@sgcmail.com or 847.954.7966.

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February 5, 2013
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February 5, 2013
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Sweat Jackets

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Sleek, black neoprene sweat jackets are available for tanks ranging in size from 9 by 48 in. to 14 by 65 in. The jacket is easily fastened around the tank with a full-length zipper on the backside that holds it securely in place. The jackets are delivered without any branding so that dealers can apply their own logos and contact information.


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Dividers for inch-size and metric tube-to-tube fittings feature push-fit technology. Two-way, inch-size tube-to-tube fittings range from ¼- to ½-in. OD. Metric two-way dividers come with EPDM or nitrile O-rings. Three-way dividers are suitable for potable and pure water applications.

Flow Restrictors

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Axeon capillary flow restrictors provide cost-effective flow control for residential RO systems, restricting the concentrate flow and putting back pressure on the membrane. The flow restrictors not only reduce the connection points on the system, but also are manufactured to high quality standards, carefully calibrated and sized to work with all standard residential membranes.


Plastic Tubing

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NewAge Industries now offers eight tubing customization methods. The customizations, made to an engineer’s or buyer’s specifications, provide improved ingredient compatibility, lower procurement and inventory carrying expenses, a refined appearance, and reduced assembly time and labor costs. Customization options include coiled, fabricated, overbraided and jacketed, dip molded and thermally bonded. Hose assemblies, custom extrusions and heat-formed shaped tubing are also available.

Sealing Gasket

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The 3505 Gylon Stress Save low-load gasket is designed to seal lightweight metallic, plastic and fiberglass flanges. It creates a tight seal on both flat- and raised-face flanges and provides cold flow, creep resistance, chemical resistance, and high temperature and pressure capabilities. The gasket prevents leaching, delamination and foldover for easy installation and removal, and can be used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and potable water systems.

New App Calculates Savings for Ozone Pool Purification

Clearwater Tech

Clearwater Tech App calculates yearly savings of ClearWater ozone systems based on the pool size

The ClearWater Tech App is now available for iPhones and iPads. It shows the yearly savings a ClearWater ozone system can produce for a 10,000-gal capacity pool, and users can see the amount of yearly savings go up correspondingly as the capacity of the pool grows up to 80,000 gal.

The app’s calculator shows yearly savings depending on the size of the pool, and cross-links 11 different ClearWater systems, each appropriate for the size of pool being analyzed by the calculator.

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October 17, 2012

Expanded Line of Fittings Provides Easy-to-Use Options

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September 11, 2012

New additions to the Speedfit advanced push-fit fitting system bolster an already full line of engineered plastic fitting products for use in plumbing systems and water treatment.

The new black fittings have been specifically designed for water filtration and softener installations; however, they are also suitable for applications in plumbing repair and remodeling, marine and R.V.

The black fittings will be available in ¾- and 1-in. CTS sizes in elbow, tee, union, male and stem elbow configurations.

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Pure Aqua, Inc.

Pure Aqua is a leading manufacturer of water treatment and reverse osmosis systems. Pure Aqua, activities range from small bracket mounted water treatment systems to hundreds of thousands of gallons per day custom built plants. Products Offered by Pure Aqua, Inc.: Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis, Double Pass RO, Automatic Multi Media Filters, Automatic Carbon Filters, Cartridge Filters, Automatic Water Softeners, Electrodeionization, EDI, Two Column DI or Mixed Bed Deionizers, Ultra Violet Sterilizers (UV), Chemical Dosing Systems, Ozonation Systems, Chlorination Systems, and Custom Built Water Treatment Systems.


2230 South Huron Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92704
United States
Phone: 714 432 9996, ext. 202
Fax: 714 432 9898

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Faucet Handle

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September 2012
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September 2012

Made from a durable crystal-clear resin, the crystal handle can be used with any S, SP or MS series faucet. Many existing faucets can easily be converted to this handle by simply replacing the handle, or the crystal handle can be purchased fully assembled to the faucet.

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