Culligan to Design, Install Treatment Plant in Rwanda

Culligan Intl.

New facility will help Rwanda's capital city meet current & projected drinking water needs

The Water and Sanitation Corp. Ltd. (WASAC) in Rwanda awarded Culligan Intl. a contract to design and install a water treatment plant to provide drinking water to Kigali, that country’s capital city. WASAC is a government company that provides water to Kigali City and all urban centers of the country.

“Kigali needs about 100,000 cu meters of water per day while water supplied is 65,000 cu meters per day, which implies a shortage of about 35,000 cu meters per day,” said James Sano, CEO of WASAC Eng.

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February 18, 2015

Alkaline Water Plus Awarded 'Doctor Trusted' Certification

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Consumer protection service Doctor Trusted gave Alkaline Water Plus its stamp of approval

Online water ionizer store and filter retailer Alkaline Water Plus was approved to display a doctor's seal of approval, a benefit granted by consumer protection service Doctor Trusted.

To earn certification, the company passed a strict application process that involved careful evaluation by a doctor of its website and products/services offered. The review process involves predetermined criteria that include fair pricing and return criteria, reasonable medical claims, easy-to-locate customer service and protection of sensitive customer data, among others.

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February 2, 2015

Arsenic Removal

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Dealer Insight March 2011

AdVantEdge POE and POU systems for arsenic removal feature Bayoxide E33 media technology. The systems require no chemicals, no regeneration and minimal maintenance. Spent media is nontoxic and can be discarded as nonhazardous waste.


POU Housings & Filters

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POU Series housings and filters, part of the ONE Filtration Simplified product offering, are designed for simple and easy installation while being ecofriendly. The filter housing is reusable once the internal cartridge has reached its useful life. The high-capacity, high-flow filters with low pressure drop feature Direct Connect installation to connect directly to the kitchen or bathroom cold water faucet for full-flow filtration.


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The PUR Ultimate Series of filter pitchers comes in three models: 7-cup, 7-cup with LED indicator, and 11-cup with LED indicator. The pitchers have a sleek, modern design composed of BPA-free components. The filters use Maxion technology, a blend of carbon and ion exchange materials that removes contaminants from water. LED indicators alert users when filters are ready to be changed. 

Sand Filter

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This backwashable LS Series aquatic sand filter is ideal for sensitive aquatic environments or saltwater systems such as aquariums, or science and research facilities. The filter has a corrosion-resistant thermoplastic housing and base, a stainless steel gauge and an efficient, multilateral underdrain assembly. It is available in 31-in. (99-gpm) and 36-in. (130-gpm) sizes.

Pentair Launches New Residential Filtration System


The system reduces contaminants such as pharmaceuticals from drinking water

Later this month, Pentair will release its newest product, the H-300-NXT, an addition to its Everpure residential line of luxury water filtration products. The system reduces emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications and chemical compounds like bisphenol A that may be found in drinking water.

The manufacturer states that the larger filter design provides greater dirt-holding capacity, “ideal for parts of the country where high silt content in water is a concern.”

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January 7, 2015

Drinking Water System

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The H-300-NXT drinking water system is one of the first products of its kind to achieve NSF/ANSI 401 certification to reduce emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications and chemical compounds such as bisphenol A that may be found in drinking water. Similar to Everpure’s trusted H-300, the H-300-NXT boasts a 30% larger filter for greater dirt-holding capacity and higher chlorine reduction.



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Water Bottle Filter

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The WaterBean is a portable water filter that transforms tap water into alkaline water. Insert the device into any bottle 12 fl oz or larger, then shake and swirl the bottle to activate a compostable coconut carbon filter that removes chemicals and impurities. The filters are easy to replace and last for two to three months of use.

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