Company Reference: allows home or business owners to remotely monitor and control their water systems. The Web-based product comprehensively interfaces all functions and features of any compatible PipeBurst Pro system. Compatible with most commonly used Web browsers, can be used on computers, tablets or smartphones. Users can choose which types of notifications they receive and how they are delivered. 

Rainwater System

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Talking Tanks monitors water levels in rainwater tanks, automatically releasing water at a controlled rate if required. The system preempts the release of water from set points chosen by the user according to rain or storm predictions, which are received via a communications link to the Bureau of Meteorology. An advanced algorithm analyzes how successful the capture of rainwater was and adjusts accordingly for future events. 

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Monitoring Device

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The ShowerSaver is a simple and easy­-to-­use device that tracks shower time and the number of gallons used. The device uses a sensor to automatically turn on when it detects someone is in the shower; has an easy-­to-­read, color­-coded display; and can be attached to the shower wall in one minute.

WRF Project Evaluates Biological Filtration

Water Research Foundation

Project provides assistance for utilities looking to boost understanding of biological filtration

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is helping water utilities improve their understanding of monitoring and controlling biological filtration (BF) through a recently completed research project that resulted in a guidance manual that describes and evaluates current BF monitoring and control techniques.

Publication Date: 
January 9, 2014

TDS Monitor

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The TRM-1 is a wide-range TDS monitor, able to measure 0 to 10,000 ppm with three different sensors. It is ideal for water filtration/purification systems that require three sensing points, such as RO/DI systems. Each sensor is ¼ in. in diameter. The monitor comes with three ¼-in. quick-connect T-fittings. It is battery powered, has automatic shutoff, automatic temperature compensation and an accuracy of ±2% (of the reading).

pH & ORP Probes

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Analytical Measurements manufactures probes for use with pH and ORP instrumentation, as well as resistance temperature detectors for use with automatic temperature compensating controllers/recorders. All probes work with many instrument manufacturers, as long as a BNC-type connection is used. The company offers standard industrial probes, as well as higher temperature/pressure, flat surface, spear type and cyanide probes.

Wireless Monitoring System

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This wireless monitoring system continuously monitors water usage in real time. A self-contained monitor listens to the pulse of the water meter. Real-time data are sent wirelessly to a website portal for water consumption viewing by the month, day or hour. If a major leak occurs, the device sends alerts via computer or smartphone. Alerts can be customized for business hours, as well as after hours and weekends.

Monitoring System

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The V-SURE wireless remote monitoring system for VRTX cooling water treatment solutions provides operational feedback and alerts. The GSM phone modem interfaces with a programmable logic controller that automates operation while monitoring performance. The system can communicate with and monitor a VRTX system independent of network, and data are made available via a secure Web portal. If an alarm condition occurs, the system alerts personnel who can troubleshoot and repair many issues remotely.

Water Analyzer & Controller

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The Prizma water analyzer and controller features automatic calibration and provides real-time online reports. The system is suited for use in private swimming pools and spas, ensuring sanitation and clear water. It works by applying electro-optic capabilities to accurately analyze test pads that automatically monitor water quality at regular intervals. A continuous indicator strip is run across a series of individual test sections, each providing analysis for a different chemical.

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