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This ½-gal pitcher removes 96% of chlorine and contaminants from tap water in just a few seconds. It is simple to use—just fill the pitcher and fasten it to the gallon dispenser. Store the sleek, slim-line pitcher in the refrigerator or leave it on the docking station at room temperature. Claryum filters last six months and retain naturally occurring minerals in the water. All components are BPA free.

Filtration System

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This patent-pending POU water filtration device produces drinking water without frequent maintenance, chemical additions or component replacement. The system traps and neutralizes contaminants through an ion exchange process. It processes enough water to support a family of six, includes built-in safe water storage and lasts for 10 years. The system meets the World Health Organization’s Household Water Treatment specifications for removing bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

POU Housings & Filters

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POU Series housings and filters, part of the ONE Filtration Simplified product offering, are designed for simple and easy installation while being ecofriendly. The filter housing is reusable once the internal cartridge has reached its useful life. The high-capacity, high-flow filters with low pressure drop feature Direct Connect installation to connect directly to the kitchen or bathroom cold water faucet for full-flow filtration.

RO System

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Innovated and made in Sweden, Spirit harnesses the patented SuperiorOsmosis technology for efficiency, compactness and long product life. Removing practically all contaminants from tap water, the system also cuts water wastage linked to traditional RO systems.

Trouble at the Tap

Many Americans, Asians and Europeans worry about the quality of their tap water; almost 40% of Americans participating in a new survey said they boiled or filtered their water before drinking it. That level of concern is a key trend in consumer attitudes toward the water they drink at home, work and leisure.

Bottled Water Binge


Attitudes toward tap water lead consumers to search for treatment options

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February 6, 2014
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February 6, 2014
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Filter Media

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HaloPure removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria while also preventing bacterial recontamination. Its uses are versatile and it can be applied to a variety of gravity and pressure POU devices. The media has been proven to enhance systems to help them exceed drinking water standards. It can be used with pitcher applications, inline, or with standard 10-in. cartridges for countertop and undersink systems.

RO System

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These RO drinking water systems have cartridges and membranes that are easily replaced without the need to shut off the system. They are available in wall-mounted or floor models, and all systems come with storage tank, John Guest feedwater and tank shutoff valves, faucet, tubing and instructions. The systems are backed by a two-year warranty.

Refrigerator Filter

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The MWF refrigerator filter is NSF-certified and removes cysts plus a range of contaminants, including lead and mercury. In addition, it has been tested by a third party to remove more than 94% of five trace pharmaceuticals: ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim. The filter is available for use in GE side-by-side and French door refrigerators.

Chloramine Reduction Cartridge

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The UGACR chloramine reduction cartridge is a cost-effective POU option for reducing chloramines in municipal water supplies. The cartridge uses catalytic coconut shell carbon that acts as a chloramine “grabber.” It is available in 10- and 20-in. lengths, as well as 2.5- and 4.5-in. ODs, making it compatible with most standard filter housings.