January 23, 2015
Research and Markets announced the addition of the "Residential Water Treatment Equipment Market in the Americas 2015-2019" report to its offering. The... more
January 23, 2015
The National Ground Water Assn.’s (NGWA) 2015 national and divisional boards feature a number of new officers and directors. Heading the national board is Richard Thron, MGWC... more
January 22, 2015
Employees of Zurn Industries LLC more than doubled the amount collected for a food drive compared to 2013’s total, benefiting the people served by local food banks across the... more
January 22, 2015
A recently filed C8 lawsuit purports a 61-year-old Ohio woman developed high cholesterol as a result of consuming water contaminated by the C8 chemical released by DuPont’s... more
January 15, 2015
It’s a brand new year, and that means everyone is looking forward, setting resolutions and goals on how they—and their businesses—will seize opportunities in 2015. As we do... more
January 14, 2015
Before I delve into this topic, I should point out that I am not an expert in the fields of mental or physical health, but I have racked up plenty of my own experience with... more
January 14, 2015
NSF Intl.’s National Center for Sustainability Standards worked with stakeholders from municipalities, industry, government and academia to develop two new sustainability... more
January 14, 2015
Supai, Ariz., is the capital of the Havasupai Indian Reservation in the western Grand Canyon. The reservation is the site of some of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls... more
January 14, 2015
The technologies used for household water treatment in developing countries are vastly different from those used in the U.S. The reason is simple: the lack of a water... more

AdVantEdge Medallion Series POE systems by AdEdge Technologies are ideal for whole-house arsenic treatment. They require no chemicals and no regeneration for low maintenance, worry-free arsenic removal... more

  • AdVantEdge Medallion Series POE systems by AdEdge Technologies are ideal for whole-house arsenic treatment. They require no chemicals and no regeneration for low maintenance, worry-free arsenic...
  • The H-300-NXT drinking water system is one of the first products of its kind to achieve NSF/ANSI 401 certification to reduce emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications...
  • hanna instruments ph meter
    The Halo refillable glass pH probe comes with Bluetooth technology, allowing it to transmit measurement data directly to an iPad with its accompanying Hanna Lab App. This free application turns an...
    hanna instruments ph meter
  • waterbean water bottle filter
    The WaterBean is a portable water filter that transforms tap water into alkaline water. Insert the device into any bottle 12 fl oz or larger, then shake and swirl the bottle to activate a compostable...
    waterbean water bottle filter
  • darlly filters
    Darlly Filter LLC introduced 100% integrity-tested and FDA-compliant Absolute filter cartridges. The company stocks and distributes many different filter types at its 30,000-sq-ft facility, including...
    darlly filters
  • zurn_check valve
    The 350ASTDAR stainless steel replacement double check valve assembly is available in sizes from 2.5 to 10 in. The valves are lightweight, corrosion resistant and easy to install in small spaces....
    zurn_check valve
  • haier_dow_uf washing machine
    The Casarte washing machine is equipped with Dow Water & Process Solutions’ Purinze UF technology, allowing it to reduce water consumption by 30% and improve water quality by removing up to 99%...
    haier_dow_uf washing machine
  • App
    The Pentair Water Treatment Benefits app lets dealers personalize their sales pitch for each homeowner. You can customize the app to display different water treatment solutions based on a household’s...
  • UV Superstore Inc. stocks a wide variety of high quality ultraviolet (UV) direct-replacement parts for various manufacturers. These parts are either from the OEM or are a premium-quality...
  • flint walling_centrifugal pump_irrigation
    SP15P1 and SP20P1 centrifugal pumps offer new internal enhancements aimed to improve overall performance. The pumps models are designed for lawn sprinkling, irrigation and water transfer.  
    flint walling_centrifugal pump_irrigation