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1980: On February 29th, 1980, Water Soft, Inc. was founded by brothers Jim and Bill Chandler of Ashland, OH. 1988: On March 2, 1988, Water Soft was purchased by Amtrol Inc. Over 30 years prior to the purchase of Water Soft, Amtrol introduced the first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank to the water systems industry. At that time Amtrol was the leading manufacturer of water systems tanks in the world and was looking to enter into water treatment. 1993: In 1993 Bill Chandler founded Chandler Systems Inc., a new venture focusing on the manufacture of electrical control systems for the water & wastewater markets. 1995: On September 1, 1995, Bill Chandler formally began CSI Water Treatment Systems, a division of Chandler Systems Inc. As one of the co-founders of Water Soft Inc., Bill brought his experience and innovation to CSI that built one of the most successful water treatment companies in the industry. 2007: In 2007, the Clearion Water Division was developed to meet the needs of the professional dealer portion of the market not currently covered by CSI's Distribution. 2008: Almost 20 years later, in June of 2008, Bill Chandler acquired the Water Soft division back from Amtrol and moved production back to Ashland. 2011: Clearion Water Treatment announced the release of the Clearion 300 Series and Clearion 360 Series control valves.


710 Orange St
Ashland, OH 44805
United States
Toll-free: 8883639434, ext. 225
Phone: 4192818962, ext. 225
Fax: 4192812375

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