Commercial And Industrial Water

Commercial and Industrial Water

July 21, 2014
Koch Membrane Systems Inc. (KMS) installed its Puron HF ultrafiltration (UF) modules at a major steel mill in Inner Mongolia, China. The system is the first large application... more
February 25, 2014
NSF Intl. launched a new program that helps hotels, resorts and other hospitality settings prevent food and water contamination. The StaySafer program provides the... more
February 21, 2014
Bravo Enterprises Ltd. reported that, based on recent and ongoing consumer opinion, it has decided to economize its water production and sales price on its commercial... more
February 20, 2014
The Hydraulic Institute (HI) named Randy Bennett, vice president of technology and operations, Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp., as its 2013 “Member of the Year.” The... more
August 27, 2014
The island of Anguilla in the British West Indies is one of the northernmost Leeward Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Like many Caribbean islands, tourism is its main industry... more
August 27, 2014
In 2007, Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins organization began constructing Target Field, an approximately 40,000-seat stadium located in the heart of Minneapolis. The... more
July 18, 2014
Residential drinking water treatment unit products have many standards and protocols available to companies to demonstrate that their products have been tested and certified... more
July 18, 2014
On April 11, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its 2014 to 2018 Strategic Plan, with goals that include protecting U.S. waters, ensuring the safety of... more
May 09, 2014
Anyone who owns an aquarium knows how difficult it is to maintain water quality at a consistently high level. The principle “the larger the tank, the more stable the water... more
neopure_filters_neologic solutions

The Neo Pure High Efficiency Melt Blown Filter Series consists of 100% polypropylene depth filters. These cartridges effectively and economically reduce sediment, dirt and particulates for commercial and industrial applications, and are offered in a variety of lengths and end cap configurations... more

  • neopure_filters_neologic solutions
    The Neo Pure High Efficiency Melt Blown Filter Series consists of 100% polypropylene depth filters. These cartridges effectively and economically reduce sediment, dirt and particulates for commercial...
    neopure_filters_neologic solutions
  • uv superstore_coyote systems
    The Coyote UV Series is an in-house engineered design manufactured in the U.S. that allows UV Superstore to provide fast turnaround times. These systems are specifically intended for a wide range of...
    uv superstore_coyote systems
  • watts_water conditioning system
    The ScaleNet anti-scale water conditioning system eliminates hard water scale with virtually no homeowner maintenance, no salt additives and no electricity. The system prevents destructive scale...
    watts_water conditioning system
  • axeon_commercial ro systems
    New Axeon L1-Series light commercial RO systems are ideal for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage preparation, aquariums, hydroponics, misting and more. The 200- to 300-gpd...
    axeon_commercial ro systems
  • pentair_filtration
    The EF-3000 filter — rated at a 3,000-gal capacity — filters down to 0.5 µ and removes many substances commonly found in tap water, including lead and chlorine. The filter fits virtually anywhere in...
  • veolia_drinking water systems
    Berkefeld M Series drinking water plants were developed for military and humanitarian operations. The systems treat almost all available raw water, such as well water, surface water, brackish water,...
    veolia_drinking water systems
  • palintest_testing kits
    Wagtech water quality testing kits allow all levels of users to test for organisms, analyze key physical characteristics such as turbidity and conductivity, and measure specific chemical parameters...
    palintest_testing kits
  • pro products_soap
    LanoSoft’s new line of personal and household soap products was reformulated to minimize impact on the environment and provide high performance. The products are made with natural ingredients and...
    pro products_soap
  • dow water process_desalination ro membranes
    Filmtec Seamaxx RO elements offer low energy consumption and an optimized module design that helps maximize the productivity of a desalination system with low differential pressure, low cleaning...
    dow water process_desalination ro membranes
  • clark solutions_water meters
    MJ-SDC multi-jet water meters are available for ¾- to 2-in. pipe sizes. They are dry dial-type totalizing water meters, offered with pulse switch outputs of one pulse per 0.1, 1, 10 or 100 gal. A 59-...
    clark solutions_water meters