It's a Family Thing

A family atmosphere is a hallmark of the water quality industry. Many companies are family owned and operated, with water treatment knowledge and business values being passed from generation to generation.


20 at 20

Although WQP’s history goes back just 20 years, the water quality industry has a rich history that reaches back a lot further. WQP is pleased to recognize the following 20 Industry Icons, whose work — whether in the past or ongoing — has helped make our industry what it is today.


As Time Goes On

Time flies when you’re having fun — this statement only seems to become more true the older I get. It’s hard to believe it has been nearly five years since I started working for WQP and immersing myself in the water industry. 

In those five short years, there has never been a dull moment — I have met interesting people from every walk of the water treatment industry life, seen new and innovative technologies and witnessed regulations and standards change and evolve.


Unexpected Opportunities

It’s a brand new year, and that means everyone is looking forward, setting resolutions and goals on how they — and their businesses — will seize opportunities in 2015.

As we do each January, the editors of WQP asked several industry professionals to provide their thoughts on the year ahead in the 2015 Industry Forecast.


Rising to the Top

As many WQP readers know, running a water dealership is no small feat.


State of the Industry 2014

Keeping up with current industry trends and information is key to business success. With that in mind, WQP is pleased to bring you its eighth annual State of the Industry Report, which includes valuable information on the water treatment industry and its trends.


A Positive Approach

As we close out the year, businesses are busy evaluating 2014 and planning and budgeting for 2015. Earlier this fall, we asked a random sampling of WQP readers to share their thoughts on the year past and the year ahead in our 2014 State of the Industry survey.

The results revealed an industry that faces many hurdles in the coming year, but is positive about the future.


Serving From the Inside Out

Before Casey Taylor become president of Waterlogic West, he worked for Taylor Made Water Systems, a family-run business in Northern California started by Taylor and his father and brother in 1998. In 2012, the Taylors sold the business to Waterlogic, a point-of-use (POU) water purification provider.


From Past to Present

They say the only constant is change. As the world and the industry change around us, it’s important that we stay up to date — and that means some big changes here at WQP.

With the November issue, we are debuting not only a brand new look, but a new size too. We hope you enjoy this convenient format and updated design, but never fear—we will continue to offer the same quality content you have come to expect from WQP in the past almost-20 years.


Water for Health

In this age of fad diets and fitness crazes, there is one piece of health advice that everyone can agree on: Drink more water.

Proper hydration is key to good health, and with all the worries about growing obesity rates, no beverage is better for hydration than plain old, calorie-free water.


Into the Future

When people find out I am involved with the water treatment industry, there is one topic that almost always comes up: the ongoing drought in California and other states, and what is being done about it.


Best for Business

Give me liberty or give me death! OK — maybe the opinions on being an independent dealer versus being part of a dealer network or franchise are not divisive enough to instigate a revolution, but they do stir debate within the industry. As with any issue, there are pros and cons associated with both sides, and it is up to dealers to determine what is best for their businesses.


Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

Those are lyrics I sang countless times during my tenure as a Girl Scout. This mantra is a great life lesson for a school-age kid — especially one like me, who went to four different elementary schools. But as we sang the song at the end of each troop meeting, I certainly wasn’t thinking of all the ways this simple piece of advice could apply to my life — ways that extend far past the simple message of friendship.


Drinking Up Data

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous (and oft-misquoted) words from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” may have referred to sailors stranded at sea with no freshwater to drink, but they also describe the plight of many landlocked residents of developing areas — water may be plentiful, but, because they lack water treatment resources, drinking it could be deadly.


Leaving a Legacy

When it comes to education and training, webinars, websites and textbooks are great, but there is one source of information that is especially invaluable: the insights and advice a water treatment industry veteran can pass on to new employees.

According to Christine Fletcher, owner of Secondwind Water Systems in Manchester, N.H., transferring that information from veteran employees to new hires has been one of the most challenging aspects of employee education over the years. 


Feeling the Fear

The year started off with big news in the water treatment industry. The chemical spill in West Virginia, which affected more then 300,000 people, topped national headlines for weeks in January. The “do not use” advisory lasted more then a week for portions of that population, forcing them to rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing for up to 10 days.


Drops in the Bucket

"Going green” is a term that has been unavoidable over the past few years. While overuse has caused the phrase to lose its meaning in some cases, it has not reduced the importance of improving water and energy efficiency and conserving resources, whether at your own business or on a global level.

At the small business level, going green can not only help the environment, but also help save costs and gain customers. Getting creative with green alternatives can help those cost savings add up. 


2013: Top Water Quality Projects

The time has come for the Water Quality Products editorial staff to recognize the most innovative and challenging reader-submitted water quality projects of the year.

Our fourth annual Top Water Quality Projects address water quality challenges in both residential and commercial settings. The editorial staff selected the winners based on several factors, including complexity of project, use of innovative solutions, final goals achieved and overall success.


2013 State of the Industry

Water Quality Products understands the importance of keeping up to date with current industry trends and information. We are pleased to bring you our seventh annual State of the Industry Report, which includes valuable current information regarding the water treatment industry and its trends.


Moving Toward the Future

It’s been yet another challenging year for the water quality industry. As the economy and housing market struggle down the long road to recovery, a host of other factors, from government regulations to business competition, continue to affect companies. As always, however, industry members are working hard to tackle the issues and improve their businesses.

This fall, Water Quality Products conducted its seventh annual State of the Industry survey to receive readers’ input on how their businesses are faring and what to expect in 2014.