Arsenic Removal: Ready to Roll

After discovering that its three wells contained excessive levels of arsenic, Spring Creek Utilities Co. hired Sunrise Eng. to help develop a solution. The engineering firm contracted with AdEdge Water Technologies in June 2011 after a competitive bidding process to design, manufacture and start up an arsenic treatment solution as quickly and economically as possible.


Small System, Big Benefits

The town of Newport Center, Vt., is a small community of approximately 1,500 residents located just south of the U.S.-Canada border. A combination of drought and increased water use required the drilling of a new well for the community to supplement the two wells already in service. Water quality testing of the new well found arsenic levels at 20 ppb, well above the drinking water standard set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of Vermont of 10 ppb.


Clean & Green

Elevated levels of arsenic, iron and manganese prompted the Resort Village of Kannata Valley in Saskatchewan, Canada — a community of 149 households situated on the north shore of Last Mountain Lake, approximately 50 km northwest of Regina — to seek a treatment solution for its drinking water. The community water system is served by an artesian well that provides drinking water for approximately 250 residents. In November 2009, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was selected by the community to supply an arsenic, iron, manganese and turbidity treatment system.


Contaminant Removal in Colorado

Located in the heart of Boulder, Colo., the Two Nine North Apartments are eco-friendly luxury units built by Forum Real Estate Group in the late 2000s. Due to the high price per square foot of these apartments, the developer built the residents’ parking garage beneath the complex; however, it is below the water table and posed a threat to the building’s foundation.


Arsenic Free in Argentina

San Antonio de Los Cobres, a community of 6,000 residents in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, faced a challenging arsenic concentration of up to 290 ppb in its water supply. It needed a solution to reduce the level to below the maximum contaminant level set by the World Health Organization (WHO) of 10 ppb.

Health Risks


Contaminant Removal for Industrial Applications

When the McGraw Hill Data Center in East Windsor, N.J., was being built, the local municipal authority informed the company that it did not have the capacity to support the makeup water for the data center’s condensers or chill water plant. A new well was drilled to serve the plant; however, the groundwater supply had iron and manganese levels that exceeded regulatory limits.


A Modular Treatment Solution

Elevated levels of arsenic, iron and manganese prompted Brandywine Elementary School in Greenfield, Ind., a small town just east of Indianapolis, to seek a treatment solution for the school’s drinking water. The water system is served by one well that provides drinking water for approximately 330 students in kindergarten to fifth grade.

In July 2009, Ladd Eng. Inc. contacted AdEdge Technologies Inc. to provide a proposal for the Brandywine Elementary School in the Southern Hancock School District.


Groundwater Extraction & Treatment

Groundwater project demonstrates successful arsenic remediation

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