How to Win the Game

Minding the numbers leads to success in the water treatment industry

When I got into the water business, the unanimous sense was that I was lucky to be in such a great industry—an essential field with growth potential. It has been more than two decades since I entered the industry, and the consensus has not changed.


Critical Sales Factors

What has the greatest impact on sales—is it low price, convenience, saving time or low environmental impact? What is going to get consumers’ attention and inspire them to spend their money? Any or all of the above factors impact sales; however, none are effective without proper presentation. Sales are often made because of a presentation.


Designing Systems

Tips & techniques to designing water treatment systems

When designing a water treatment system, there are several things to consider and several things that often get overlooked. The following article offers insight and solutions to consider when designing water treatment systems for your customers.

One of the most important aspects of design is to have accurate information from your customer so you both are on the same page. This includes information not only on influent water quality but also on effluent water quality desired for the application.