Water Disinfection

January 22, 2016
Bluewater has donated two of its Pro lead-removing water purifiers to Flint, Mich., for use in community care centers, helping thousands of residents in the crisis-stricken... more
January 21, 2016
AquiSense Technologies will be participating in the 2016 International Ultraviolet Assn. (IUVA) World Congress held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, BC,... more
January 6, 2016
Atlantium Technologies Ltd. has announced that it has been awarded NSF/ANSI 61 certification for drinking water system components for contact with drinking water. Atlantium... more
November 4, 2015
Bluewater announced it will expand its global manufacturing capacity by starting production in China at the end of this year. Geared to meet growing water purification demand... more
March 02, 2016
Brown Brothers Winery in Milawa, Victoria, Australia, has been crafting wines since 1889, with more than 60 wines available for tasting. The third and fourth generations of... more
March 02, 2016
Each spring, the quality of the process water at a pulp mill in eastern Canada would suffer when snowmelt generated large volumes of runoff into a nearby lake and its... more
January 28, 2016
Driven by the accumulation of fouling at the sleeve-water interface, maintenance time and costs remain significant challenges in the application of ultraviolet (UV)... more
November 05, 2015
While powders and liquids are traditional treatment methods for biofilm, bacteria, algae and fungi in small- to medium-sized closed-loop water systems, many facility service... more
November 05, 2015
I rise before the sun, grab my 5-gal jug and begin my walk to the water treatment trailer. I am just one of many hundreds of people who make the journey to this new... more

SmartStream, a solution for ultraviolet water disinfection applications in residential and commercial applications, provides automatic lamp dimming, which promotes energy savings, and automatic lamp identification, which ensures proper lamp energy management to maximize lamp output. ... more

  • SmartStream, a solution for ultraviolet water disinfection applications in residential and commercial applications, provides automatic lamp dimming, which promotes energy savings, and automatic...
  • The CoolBlue under-counter water purifier offers microbiological treatment in a three-stage design. Stage 1 utilizes Argonide‚Äôs NanoCeram technology with activated carbon for improved taste and the...
  • PearlAqua is a UV-C LED product for water disinfection. The system incorporates UV-C LEDs into a compact water treatment unit that does not use chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps. The LEDs allow for...
  • Optan SMD is a surface-mount UV-C LED based on native aluminum nitride substrates. The unit enables effective and efficient biofilm and biofouling control and supports TOC monitoring in water. It...
  • The AccUView LED online UV analyzer is a cost-effective, low-maintenance instrument for monitoring transmission and absorbance of drinking water sterilized by a UV system. It incorporates a UVC LED,...
  • The 304 SS three-stage wall mounted system provides particulate reduction, microbial retention and high-dose 186-mJ/sq cm UV. Its RLC monitor provides failsafe monitoring with alarms. It is useful...
  • bluewater drinking water purifier ro reverse osmosis systems
    These water purifiers are housed in stylish grey ergonomic bodies. With their compact, rounded shapes, the purifiers are designed to be installed under a kitchen sink and allow easy filter changes...
    bluewater drinking water purifier ro reverse osmosis systems
  • sensorex uv ultraviolet transmittance monitor
    The UVT-LED transmittance water quality monitor is the first instrument of its kind to use efficient UV-C LED technology. The compact monitor delivers fast, accurate transmittance readings in the...
    sensorex uv ultraviolet transmittance monitor
  • uv superstore_coyote systems
    The Coyote UV Series is an in-house engineered design manufactured in the United States that allows UV Superstore to provide fast turnaround times. These systems are specifically intended for a wide...
    uv superstore_coyote systems
  • ge_biocide cooling towers
    Spectrus TD1100E is a non-oxidizing microbiological control agent used to kill or control growth of microbial populations in open evaporative cooling systems. It is designed to reduce...
    ge_biocide cooling towers
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