Dutch Army Chooses Rapid Water Quality Test Kits from Severn Trent Services

The Dutch Army is the latest military unit to select Eclox-M Rapid Water Test Kits from Severn Trent Services to detect water quality in conflict zones around the globe. Eclox-M is frequently used by military forces to quickly check for an unpolluted source of potable water and also is popular for spot-checks on water quality. This recent sale reinforces the technology's pre-eminent position among military organizations -- five hundred test kits are already being used around the globe by various military forces.

Weighing less than 20 lbs., the hand-portable Eclox-M rapid water quality test kit is easy to carry. It can detect a wide range of chemical and organic contaminants, giving reliable results within minutes.

Eclox-M can detect toxins ranging from urine and fecal coliforms to phenols, amines, heavy metals, cyanide, chlorine, nerve and mustard gas, pesticides and many others.

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