We FABCO Plastic Factory was established in 1975. It has restarted under the umbrella of SBG since 8 years ago, with ISO 9001:2000 Certify Dammam based FABCO is in the manufacturing of uPVC, cPVC pipes and fittings, HDPE, LDPE, PEX, PPCPR pipes for various applications, Electrical Conduits, Cable Ducts, Fabricated & Injection Molded Fittings for Electrical & Telecom Industry and a wide range of PVC Fabrication Products with Plain and Socket ends, Double Socket, Register & Repair Couplings, Spigots, Socket Flange Adapter, Perforated & Slotted pipes, HDPE Helmets etc.


Phone: 00966 3 9200 2, ext. 394,
Fax: 00966 3 8121 1
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