Falcon Stainless, Inc.

Falcon Stainless was started in 1981 as Falcon Flex Industries. Under the ownership of Gray Pender, since 1990, Falcon Stainless has grown from 130 accounts to over 2,000 accounts nationwide and Canada. There are over 4 million satisfied customers using Falcon Stainless Steel Corrugated Water Connectors. Guaranteed against manufacturers defect, these connectors wil NOT kink, crimp, burst, rust, corrode, pinhole or crack. Need to comply with code? Falcon connectors are NSF, UPC, IAPMO, ASME, State of Wisconsin and LA City approved. Need to flow more water? Falcon Stainless Steel Corrugated Connectors are the one...Full Port...with NO reduction of flow in sizes 3/8" to 2"


11750 Roscoe Blvd
Sun Valley, California 91352
Phone: 818-767-FLOW (, ext. toll free
Fax: 818-768-8533

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