Gaddis, Inc. provides quality new and replacement mechanical seals for over 400 OEM’s pumps, grinders, and mixers at significant cost savings. We have created a large library with hundreds of Gaddis machine drawings that cross-reference the major mechanical seal and equipment manufacturer’s part, drawing, and/or bill of material numbers. Our engineering staff has over 125 years combined experience in the seal industry. Not only can Gaddis, Inc. manufacture and design Mechanical Seals to fit almost any application, our facilities enable us to provide you with the option to repair/rebuild your old inventory. You can send us your old seals and our engineering department will give you a price on the option to repair/rebuild them as needed. Our staff can also inspect your mechanical seals and give you a seal failure analysis. Currently, Gaddis has almost $800,000.00 of mechanical seal parts and packing in stock. Our excellent quality, inexpensive pricing, and product availability, provides pump repair professionals and end users with an alternative to the OEM and major mechanical seal manufacturers product without sacrificing performance.


PO Box 22536
Hilton Head, SC 29925
United States
Toll-free: 1888-681-4665
Phone: 843-681-4665
Fax: 843-681-4660

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