Harwil Corp.

Harwil is a manufacturer of Flow Switches, Level Switches, Pump Controls and Temperature Sensors. Harwil Flow Switches are used to detect or monitor water flow in both residential and commercial applications. Our Flow Switches can detect flow to turn on a water treatment device such as a chemical feed pump, UV or ozone. We even have systems that can detect flow to a single faucet in an apartment building. We also manufacture pump protection systems that shut down a pump if there is a flow problem to prevent it from running dry. We offer a wide range of flow switches from Heavy Duty Stainless steel that are used by the US Navy, to medium duty that are water proof and can be direct buried to low cost light duty for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers in their systems. Harwil level switches are the industry standard in many applications. All Harwil switches are “Made in the USA”.


541 Kinetic Drive
Oxnard, CA 93030
United States
Toll-free: 800-562-2447
Phone: 805-988-6800
Fax: 805-988-6804

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