Illinois Health Department Offers Reduced Well Testing Fees

Fee for nitrate and bacteria testing reduced for National Ground Water Awareness Week

The Lake County (Ill.) Health Department/Community Health Center will offer reduced well water testing rates in March in honor of National Ground Water Awareness Week, the Lake County News-Sun reported.

From March 7 to 17, well owners may bring samples of water to the Lake County Central Permit Facility and Environmental Laboratory for testing. The $16 fee for bacteria and nitrate testing will be reduced to $10.

Residents can pick up sterile bottles at the facility, or have a test kit mailed to them for a $2 fee. Water samples must be brought to the facility in person. If residents prefer not to collect samples themselves, a staff member can visit the well, collect a sample and perform a well inspection for a $51 fee.

Test results will be available for homeowners in approximately three business days.

Lake County News-Sun