Jomar Valve has a diverse product line which supports a wide variety of plumbing, industrial, utility, HVAC, and process control applications. Partnered with Fratelli Pettinaroli , an ISO 9001 Italian manufacturer, Jomar has a drive for creativity and innovation. Jomar has several patented and unique valve solutions in their offering. The most prevalent of these being the Add-A-ValveĀ®, an emergency shut off device designed to eliminate shutdowns, and the Filter BallĀ®, a combination shut off valve and strainer. Jomar continues to expand its product line in ways that provide unique products that add value and adapt to changes in the industry.


7243 Miller Dr
Warren, MI 48092
United States
Toll-free: 800-325-5690
Phone: 586-268-1220
Fax: 586-979-8315

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