Recently, my company surveyed nearly 100 randomly selected
small to medium-sized firms across the country. What we learned about their
business planning techniques was startling. For example, eight out of 10 of

I have discussed this before, but it is so important to
sales success that I want to bring it to your attention again. When I speak at
state association conventions and company meetings, I am always shocked to see

The demand for 11/4-inch plumbing in residential
applications is on the rise. Recent trends in new home construction have been
towards larger homes with more plumbing fixtures. Twenty years ago, a typical
home with 0....

In this last section of a three-part series, the use of ozone, ionization, distillation and aeration is discussed in a simple fashion to help the beginner rationalize the importance for a full understanding of these technologies and the need, again,...

Ozone technology developments have opened new applications
for these established water treatment technologies. Driving these changes has
been the identification of new, more disinfection-resistant microorganisms such

At the Procter & Gamble manufacturing plant in
Greensboro, N.C., an Aquionics ultraviolet (UV) dechlorination unit was
installed before two banks of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. Before this
system was installed...

We'll discuss the well ozone water treatment application. Each application is a potential business in itself, which means greater revenue and profit. All that is necessary from you is the motivation to boldly go where you have not gone before.


Drinking water treatment professionals have long held fast
to the belief that granular activated carbon (GAC) based on bituminous coal
provides the best performance for their demanding application. That’s
why, when an...

Whether a company discovers it has sold consumers a
defective product, is navigating rough financial waters or needs to clean up
its image after a manufacturing plant mishap, how the crisis at hand gets
managed has...

Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to
see ... or so the song goes. But even if that is so, I believe an awful lot of
failed businesses have learned that they should have at least tried to see

All right, so the “key” to this year’s
Buyer’s Guide theme seems to be little more than a corny cliche. That being
said, it also was the best way to get our point across to our readers.