June 2003


Some really important research going on right now, which is critical for the point-of-use/point-of-entry (POU/POE) industry in order for POU/POE treatment to become an accepted practice for small public water system compliance. It seems as though we...

Bottled water is classified as a food product and regulated
by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has regulations that

* ...

There has been a big change in how we view entertainment,
and it may be costing you sales. It all started with video camcorders. With the
advent of the camcorder, we all were stars. Many recorded every day events as

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In February, NSF International arranged for...

The objective of ozone use with cooling towers is to
maintain the highest purity of water with the least amount of water waste and
chemical use. Chemical use in cooling towers leads to ever-increasing total

Ozone does not need to be complicated in order to treat
small water systems. A small water system consists of one or multiple
households on well, spring or rooftop water. Treatment means removal of iron,
manganese and...

A wide range of technologies, some new and some more traditional, is being marketed and applied for arsenic treatment. Each of these technologies has specific properties impacting its suitability for any particular scale of application. While rare,...

None of us likes criticism. However, with widespread public
and government attention being focused on consumer protection, it's imperative
that businesses take every possible step to avoid conflicts with the consumer.


Water testing doesn't have to be complicated. Test kits are a quick, easy-to-use solution that even customers can perform themselves.

Water testing is a must whether you are doing a simple soap comparison to justify the cost...