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Summer 2001



Handheld Data Entry Unit

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Handheld Data Entry Unit

Operator 10® Plus now offers
an innovative solution to collecting data. Features: pre-installed Operations
and Maintenance software; scan BarCode labels containing facilities, locations,
parameters, parts/materials, or meters/gauges on equipment; HotSync data
between the DataPort to your PC. For more information, visit our Web site or
e-mail us.

All-Max Professional
Solutions, Inc, Kenton, OH






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Industrial Modems

For license-free wireless
serial and Ethernet, dial-up/leased line or fiberoptic data communications,
Data-Linc is your best connection. Data-Linc industrial modems provide
exceptional data integrity — even in the most demanding environments. Plus,
Data-Linc pre-configures each modem to ensure fast and convenient installation.
For a comprehensive guide to data communications, contact Data-Linc.

Data-Linc Group, Redmond,





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Recorder & DAQ Handbook

Eurotherm Chessell’s new
product and application handbook covers the full range of paper chart, graphic
recorders and data acquisition systems. It features easy to use selection charts
and detailed product information, as well as, application notes to help you
make the most of your process monitoring and recording. CALL for your FREE
Recorder & DAQ handbook today!

Eurotherm Chessell



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