Owens Corning, the company that invented the glass fiber,
also invented one of the world's most widely recognized corporate logo /
tagline combinations. Its unmistakable red-and-white signature logo--the

The maintenance of a pool or spa can become tiresome for the
average consumer. Owning this type of recreational luxury can create a chore
most people despise. Sparkling clear pool water can be easy to obtain or it can...

It is disheartening to think that it takes negative
occurences to make the government take into account the water treatment
industry's potential. However, it makes me feel honored to be a part of an
industry that has...

Which microbes lurk in the clear, crisp water that flows
from the tap? The potential answer to this question has spurred millions of
Americans to purchase point-of-use and point-of-entry removal technologies as a

All of nature has its cycles of birth, maturity and death.
Just as spring becomes summer and finally turns to winter, so we salespeople
have a cycle of growth and death. Luckily, we can, through hard work and

As you have read in previous articles, ozone is a gas made
from oxygen. One of the processes used to produce ozone is called corona
discharge (CD). The CD method is a combination of high voltage electricity and

Million Dollar Mailing$ for marketing and communications
professionals? We have got to be kidding, right? Wrong!

Do not think direct mail is beneath you and the crass
discussion of doing...