November 2002


It seems that everywhere we go we are bombarded with bad
news about the monstrous losses on Wall Street, never-ending layoffs, horrific
crimes and even poor health conditions that "if we had just known about

What is Ozone?

Ozone is not some magical gas from the planet "O."
Ozone is an extremely active form of oxygen. Lightning is nature's ozone
generator. Every time you see lightning you are witnessing the generation...

Contrary to the belief of many, desalination is not new to the Americas.

The largest growth in global desalination has taken place in the Arabian Gulf, which often makes it seem like a distant solution....

Faucets for point-of-use (POU) water treatment systems must combine an attractive, contemporary appearance with materials that ensure safety and purity. POU faucets and systems are becoming increasingly important to help meet consumer demands for safe...

Look at the heating element of a washing machine or
dishwasher in a hard water area and you will see a white encrustation
containing hardness salts. This commonly is referred to as limescale and is an
example of...

According to the 1999 Gallup Poll, the four elements that
have proven to be effective in creating employee loyalty are praise and
recognition, a sense of contribution to the company, learning and development and having a...

In our business, there really is unlimited money right under
our noses. A few weeks ago, I was doing a seminar in Columbus, Ohio. I arrived
early, and two hotel employees were setting up the meeting room. One of them