Potomac River Basin Reservoir Storage Levels Down to 75 Percent Full

Drought Watch Continues for Metropolitan Area, Officials Urge Wise Water Use

Persistent drought conditions affecting the metropolitan Washington region have caused the water supply reservoir levels to drop to 75 percent full, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) said. Officials stress that water supplies are adequate to meet demands of all communities served by the Potomac River. The region remains in a drought watch, which was first issued in February 2002, and officials encourage customers served by the Potomac River to continue to use water wisely.

Should the reservoirs' combined storage fall to 60 percent for five consecutive days, a drought warning, which calls for voluntary restrictions, would be triggered. For additional information on watch areas and conservation tips, visit COG's web site at www.mwcog.org/dep/water/supply/current_conditions.htm . Regional officials are monitoring the situation daily and will continue to provide updates as conditions change.

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

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