September 2003


Knowing which technologies are available, which are the most cost-effective and the most efficient ways to use them are key to any project's success. In the era of faster, bigger, better technology, our customers expect nothing but simplicity, quality...

Water chlorination has been one of the greatest innovations
of the last century. The technology not only has made our drinking water safe,
it has provided effective water purification for a multitude of other

We will now wrap up The O-Zone Tech Workshop with an ozone
quiz. This will be a good chance for you to determine if what has been given
has made it into your memory banks or reference library.


Networking for water treatment installers may no longer be a
matter of who you know, but rather a matter of who has the newest technology.
The commercial and industrial (C&I) markets are driving the need for more

Whether it is an issue of limited space, material compatibility or just challenging feed water, there always will be a need for custom-engineered solutions in the water treatment industry. Lee Co. of Nashville, Tenn., first looked at preengineered...

There are four pillars to closing in our industry. Many
salespeople leave out one or two and that greatly hampers their ability to get
as many sales as they deserve. This article will discuss all four in an effort

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become a significant process used
in the purification of water. Selecting the correct pump is a significant step
in a well-designed and properly operating system. Although the pump is a

"It makes my water taste funny."

"It leaves an orange ring in my sink and shower."

"It has a weird smell."