Submicron Depth Filters

The company’s Ultra-D submicron depth filters are manufactured using a proprietary, patented electroadsorptive media technology, capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange. This technology makes it possible for a nonwoven media to produce filtration efficiency comparable to ultra-membrane filtration, but at very low-pressure drop, with high flow rates and high loading capacity working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters. The media in the filter is NSF 61-approved and USP Class VI testing and endotoxin testing. It has been certified for up to 99.99% reduction of viruses, bacteria and cysts; up to 95% reduction of lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals; and reduction of residual pharmaceuticals, PCBs and BPA. It is available in eight versions, 2.5- and 4.5-in. diameters and 5- to 40-in. lengths.

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