Founded in 1994, Tailor Made Products, Inc. holds strong to its commitment in both business and personal excellence, providing safe and innovative housewares products to our customers, including quality kitchen utensils and gadgets. Our goal is to consistently supply our customers with superior products at the best possible value. In addition to our own competencies in manufacturing, we also have strong working relationships with several key manufacturers overseas, giving us the flexibility to import top quality products when necessary. In the end, the goal of the Tailor Made Products' team is to serve our customers, the surrounding community and our staff based on a strong foundation of solid values including honesty, integrity and dependability. Tailor Made Products is privately owned and includes a plastic injection molding manufacturing facility in Elroy, Wisconsin and corporate offices in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Tailor Made Products also handles the proprietary children's cooking line, Curious Chef® as well as the Bottle Buddy brand.


101 Juneau St.
Elroy, WI 53929
Phone: 608-462-8227, ext. 235
Fax: 608-462-5287

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