TST Water manufactures many POU and POE products. We make everything from standard and custom filled inline and cartridge water filters, all sizes and types of carbon blocks to complete water treatment systems for residential and small commercial use.


42188 Rio Nedo
Temecula, CA 92590
United States
Phone: 951.541.9517
Fax: 951.541.9517

Water Purifier Line Receives WQA Certification to EPA Standard

TST Water announced the certification of its UltraGuard line to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guide Standard and Protocol for Microbiological Water... more

TST Water & Payne USA Merge

TST Water LLC and its sister company, Payne USA, merged into one. Mike Baird, president and founder of TST Water (2004), started the company by offering consulting... more

UF Membrane Delivers Purified Water With No Waste

The UltraGuard ultrafiltration (UF) membrane cartridge delivers purified water with 100% efficiency while providing protection against bacteria, cysts, viruses and... more

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