VIZION by A.J. Antunes & Co.

VIZION by A.J. Antunes & Co. is a leading supplier of ultrafiltration-based water treatment systems that provide high-quality water to restaurants and residential homes. Because VIZION systems require only ONE low-cost carbon cartridge change per year, your customers can enjoy premium water at a low operating cost. VIZION systems utilize multi-bore ultrafilters which substantially reduce particles and yield longer carbonation retention in soft drinks. The ultrafilter’s self-cleaning ability extends the life of the ultrafilter and prevents the carbon cartridges from clogging. For lime scale reduction, the VIZION systems use TAC to reduce lime scale by 96-98% without the use of chemicals.


180 Kehoe Blvd.
Carol Stream, IL 60188
United States
Toll-free: 800.253.2991
Phone: 630.784.1000

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