2003 Online Water Management Symposium

Foremost Industry Experts to Present Essential Techniques For Water Systems Management and Security

Haestad Methods is hosting the 2003 Online Water Management Symposium on May 5-6. This event offers attendees a rare opportunity to interact with some of the foremost experts in water systems management via the Internet.

During this event, world-renowned professionals will conduct presentations and panel discussions on the latest and most advanced practices and techniques in water resources and security. Online attendees will have unlimited access to live and off-line video and audio presentations, and can pose questions to presenters via the Web.

Attendees of the 2003 Online Water Management Symposium will learn to:

* Apply the latest techniques in water distribution modeling

* Develop and capitalize on geospatial models of water distribution networks

* Implement leakage detection and reduction methods

* Design water distribution networks using innovative approaches

* Calibrate hydraulic models more quickly and accurately using evolutionary methods

* Protect water distribution networks from accidental or intentional contamination.

Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to network with thousands of professionals in online discussion of these technologies. "There have already been numerous registrations from water utility engineers, consultants, professors, researchers, and GIS professionals who are excited to learn the latest applications, practices, and regulations in the field of water resources," said Luca Bonatti, International Markets Director for Haestad Methods. "With the convenience of our new online format, we have already enrolled water professionals from every continent."

Symposium Presenters:

* Dr. Thomas M. Walski, P.E.-Highly recognized author and instructor of water distribution modeling and a widely published expert in the field.

* Prof. Ezio Todini-Chairman of Hydrology at the University of Bologna, Italy, and President of the Management Board of ProGeA (Protezione e Gestione Ambientale).

* Dr. Dragan Savic-Chairman of Hydroinformatics at the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Director of the Centre for Water Systems, and Head of the Computational Engineering research group at the University of Exeter, UK.

* Dr. Zheng Yi Wu-Lead Engineer for Haestad Methods and an award-winning technique developer and software product manager of international reputation in the areas of computer modeling, optimization techniques, GIS and database systems, software development, computational hydraulics, hydrology, and infrastructure design.

* Prof. Fernando Martínez, Ph.D. -Full Professor of the University of Valencia, Spain, with over 25 years of research experience in water supply and distribution systems modeling.

* Dr. Renato Drusiani-General Director of the water chapter service of Federgasacqua, which represents the Italian national association of public utilities operating in the water and gas sectors.

* Dr. Bruno Brunone-Director of the Water Engineering Laboratory and of the Water Resources Research and Documentation Centre (WARREDOC) at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy.

* Dr. Tullio Tucciarelli-Full Professor at the University of Palermo, Italy, and the local scientific coordinator of four national projects for the Calabria Region and the Italian Department of University and Scientific Research.

Requirements include

* At least a 28.8 Kbps connection to the Internet

* RealPlayer or Windows Media Player

* Sound Card

* Speakers

For more information and to register, call 203-805-0432; www.haestad.com/wms.

Haestad Methods

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