2007 State of the Industry

Water Quality Products understands the importance of keeping up to date with current industry trends and information. We are pleased to bring you our first State of the Industry Report, which includes invaluable current information regarding the water treatment industry and its trends.

Research for this report was conducted and compiled by ABR Research, Inc., a nationwide independent research company specializing in custom research for clients in the business-to-business publishing and marketing industries.

A total of 5,923 Water Quality Products subscribers received an invitation to the survey site, and 467 surveys were completed. The project was conducted entirely over the Internet. A margin of error based on the 467 returned surveys is calculated to be no greater than ±4.5 percentage points at a confidence level of 95%.

The 2007 State of the Industry survey provides a detailed assessment of the water quality industry. Different market dynamics were studied, including professional and business demographics, budget and purchasing involvement and expenditure, industry resources utilized and importance of industry topics.

Thirty-nine percent of the respondents stated that they have a primary job function of executive management at their company; an additional 22% have a marketing and sales function, followed by engineering with 20% and service with 5%.

Water Quality Products is committed to keeping our readers informed and up to date with current industry issues, and we will continue to research and report on the current state of this industry throughout the year.

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