Sep 23, 2010

2010 Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting Expects Record Number of Exhibitors

NGWA hopes to reach 300 exhibitors by December

The 2010 Ground Water Expo and Annual Meeting, Dec. 7 to 10, is heading towards a record year. According to the National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA), it is poised to meet its target of over 300 exhibitors with 10 weeks still to go.

For NGWA to reach 283 exhibitors at this early stage bodes well, said NGWA Executive Director Kevin McCray.

“The reason why exhibitors come to the Expo is to meet customers. We interpret these robust numbers to mean exhibitors expect to see lots of groundwater professionals at the Expo. These companies have decided that exhibiting at Expo is an investment that will pay dividends, both in the short- and long terms,” McCray said.

It also bodes well for attendees, who are guaranteed to see the latest groundwater industry equipment and technology on display, McCray said. NGWA will be showcasing nearly a dozen new programs, products and services from the association or its partners.

At present, 63,000 sq ft of space have been sold to exhibitors, leaving 8,500 sq ft of available space. Of the 283 exhibitors coming to the Expo, more than 20 are new exhibitors. An up-to-date list of exhibitors and the floor plan is available on NGWA’s website. The show floor will be open a total of 12 hours over two days (Dec. 8 to 9).

In addition to the show floor, more than 70 educational offerings will be available, covering virtually all aspects of the groundwater industry. Increased emphasis on business management is being showcased for major industry professions and businesses.

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