2011 Edition of Aquatech Amsterdam, International Water Week Considered a Success

International conference draws together technology and management industries

Organizers of Aquatech Amsterdam 2011, which took place in early November, announced a record increased number of visitors at this year’s exhibition. The event, which combined with International Water Week (IWW) for the first time, welcomed 881 exhibitors and more than 21,500 visitors, up 17% from the previous record. Half of the visitors came from outside of the Netherlands, and representatives from more than 70 countries were present.

With the addition of IWW, the program was expanded with nine conferences, a wide range of seminars, an activity program for young water professionals and various excursions to water projects and locations in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands.

“We are delighted to have organized a successful first edition of the International Water Week,” said Paddy Young, domain manager of Aquatech Global Events at Amsterdam RAI. “The theme of integrated solutions for the entire water cycle was well received by both exhibitors and exhibition and conference visitors. Water companies as well as major industrial end users are constantly looking for more intelligent solutions. During this week in Amsterdam they gained a glimpse into the future of these solutions.”

Internationally operating industries recognize the need for change, explained senior executives from DSM, Shell, Rabobank and Unilever during the Industrial Leaders Forum. Major industrial water users indicated they were aware of their water footprint and stressed the importance of water on the industry agenda.

The three-day conferences Aquaterra, AquaIndustry and AquaInnovation attracted more than 420 experts from around the world, discussing topics such as deltas, coasts and rivers, as well as ways to accelerate innovation in the water sector and ensure industrial water solutions profit from water resource management.

The next edition of International Water Week and Aquatech Amsterdam will take place Nov. 5 to 8, 2013.

Amsterdam RAI

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