Jan 31, 2012

2012 WQTC Call for Papers to Close Feb. 10

AWWA announces deadline for presentation submissions for conference

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) announced that the call for papers for the 2012 Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC) will close Feb. 10.

WQTC is AWWA’s second-largest conference, attracting approximately 1,200 attendees each year. The 2012 WQTC will be held Nov. 4 to 8 in Toronto. Individuals interested in presenting must submit abstracts by 6 p.m. EST on Feb. 10 for consideration.

The WQTC technical program will cover all aspects of water quality and technology and will include a variety of topics such as: biological treatment, disinfection byproducts, practices, system issues, water treatment in developing countries, health effects and endocrine-disrupting compounds/microconstituents issues, ion exchange, taste and odor issues and more.

More submission details are available at www.awwa.org/conferences.