Aug 01, 2011

3M Food Safety Showcases Beverage Testing Technology at IAFP Conference

Company has shifted its focus to food safety solutions

Global food markets are experiencing shifting consumer diets, increased product recalls, changing food safety legislation and heightened concern over what is consumed. To meet these needs, 3M Food Safety expanded its focus from microbiology to comprehensive food safety solutions in 2009.

3M Food Safety is showcasing its food safety solutions, including indicator testing, pathogen and toxin testing, hygiene monitoring and sample handling, and media products, at the International Assn. for Food Protection’s (IAFP) 100th Annual Conference, July 31 to Aug. 3, 2011 in Milwaukee at booth #601. Among the innovations on display are the new 3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates. An adaptation of the microorganism testing tool used by food processers for more than 26 years, 3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates offer water and beverage processors a new, convenient way of detecting the contaminates that most often threaten their products.