3M Purification Earns WQA Sustainability Certifications

Six 3M, Aqua-Pure and Water Factory Systems products certified under new standards

Six 3M Aqua-Pure Water Factory System WQA Sustainability Certifications

3M Purification is the first to achieve Water Quality Assn. (WQA) Sustainability Certifications under the new WQA Product Sustainability standards. The products include water filtration products for the home and water appliances. 3M Purification joined a task force of other leading industry manufacturers and suppliers to assist the WQA in developing a new suite of sustainability standards for drinking water treatment products. Following a successful third party inspection, six 3M, Aqua-Pure and Water Factory Systems water filtration products are now the first in the industry to be certified under these important new standards.

The WQA set out to create the standards in order to give consumers, water professionals and other stakeholders meaningful sustainability information about water filtration products, as well as to drive sustainability and innovation in the industry. For an activated carbon water filtration product to carry the WQA Sustainability Certification label, the product must first be certified to the appropriate safety/performance standard. Also, the manufacturer must meet two new WQA Sustainability standards. The first, WQA S-801, is a Sustainable Management standard that examines corporate governance factors such as: social responsibility; environmental policies, goals and communications; as well as supplier sustainability performance. The second standard, WQA S-803, is a Product Sustainability standard for Activated Carbon Water Filtration Systems. This standard encompasses cradle-to-grave attributes of a product, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing and assembly, packaging, and end-of-life management.

The six products that have been certified will carry a WQA Certification Symbol on their packaging, designed to help professionals and consumers identify water filtration products that are more environmentally friendly. The certified products include:

  • The 3M Full Flow Drinking Water System 3MDW201, an under-sink system that operates through the existing faucet
  • The 3M Advanced Drinking Water System 3MDW301, an under-sink system that operates through a dedicated faucet
  • The 3M Advanced Whole House Filtration System Model 3MPF301, a large-capacity system for city water
  • The Aqua-Pure 3MFF100 Full Flow Drinking Water System, an under-sink filter with a nominal filter pore size of just 0.2 microns
  • Water Factory Systems FM DWS 1500, an under-sink carbon filter drinking water system
  • Water Factory Systems FM 1500-B Faucet Mate, an under-sink carbon filter drinking water system with faucet

These products are the first in 3M Purification’s ongoing commitment to life cycle sustainability. 3M Purification is currently working to gain certification for additional products and expects to announce its next round of WQA Certified products later this year.

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