$817,000 to H2O Innovation for the project with the Municipality of Lac-Bouchette

H2O Innovation, Inc. was awarded a $537,296 contract for the potable water treatment of the Municipality of Lac-Bouchette. This contract was allowed thanks to the expertise developed by the company in the design of innovative solutions for the surface water treatment, that earned H2O Innovation to be granted a subsidy of $280,000 for the realization of a "technological showcase" at the municipality of Lac-Bouchette.

The amounts of the contract and the subsidy which represent $817,000, will contribute to consolidate H2O Innovation's position as a leader in the surface water treatment sector.

Located in the Lac St-Jean area, the Municipality of Lac-Bouchette is presently facing problems of aesthetic nature with its water supply as well as in the capacity of its supply. The municipality therefore decided to invest in new equipment for water catchment and treatment using the best technology available, in the aim of using a new water supply, Lake Ouiatchouan.

The project, currently in realization, consists of installing a new membrane filtration (nanofiltration) treatment system with chlorination, given the characteristics of the raw water available (variable coloration and turbidity, high levels of dissolved organic carbon). This nanofiltration system will be the first of its kind to be installed in a Quebec community to treat highly coloured water (50 UCV or more). Once the equipment is installed, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs will carry out a rigorous monitoring of the system.

H2O Innovation, Inc.

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