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Rockford, Mich., school shuts off water
Oct 17 2017
A middle school in Rockford, Mich., has shut off its drinking water and provided staff and students bottled water. Near the school, a former...
House Democrat calls for investigation into Puerto Rico drinking water
Oct 16 2017
According to CNN, Rep. Bennie Thompson, a democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, has asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security...
San Diego school district develops new lead testing rules
Oct 12 2017
The San Diego Unified School District announced new water testing policies in connection to the lead-tainted water found on several local campuses....
anna michalak
Oct 11 2017
In August 2017, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the hypoxic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of...
Tips on evaluating technology options for your dealership
Oct 11 2017
Scheduling home visits and installations, coordinating delivery routes, and organizing accounting information are critical for a water treatment...
Understanding the importance of pump safety & performance
Oct 11 2017
Pump and pump system manufacturers have a lot to consider when designing components for use in the market. In addition to manufacturing pump systems...
RO system helps island meet drinking water needs
Oct 11 2017
Water & Sewerage Corp. of the Bahamas (W&SC) contracted with Aqua Design Bahamas Ltd. for a new desalination facility on the island of...
Donated technology helps Flint, Mich., shelters find clean water & reduce waste
Oct 11 2017
Be honest: Would you walk into Flint, Mich., today and unconcernedly chug a glass of water from the tap in your hotel room without concern? Few of us...
Waiting at the tap for water to get hot can be wasteful and costly
Oct 11 2017
Waiting at the tap for water to get hot can be wasteful and costly. From time immemorial, water has been humankind’s most essential natural resource...

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Tuesday, the White House released its budget proposal. While most of the national news has highlighted the cuts to Medicaid, Food Stamps and other...
It has been almost one month since we were in Orlando for the Water Quality Assn. Convention & Exposition, and we keep thinking back to our time...
With the doors open Wednesday, the show floor flooded with people. We had a walk of the floor and talked to a lot of great people—some new faces and...