Dec 02, 2014

Absopure Releases Three New Sparkling Water Flavors

Increasing demand for bottled sparkling water prompted the move

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Michigan-based Absopure announced today it has introduced three new flavors of its Cap10 all-natural sparkling mineral water product line: black cherry, orange mango and pineapple coconut.

The water is an unsweetened, calorie-free refreshment available in 20-oz and 1-liter bottles at many Michigan grocery retailers and specialty stores. Other flavors include: natural, lemon, lime, lemon-lime, wild berries, cherry-raspberry and cranberry-lime.

While Absopure has been producing Cap10 for more than 30 years, the introduction of these new flavors represents a renewed focus by the company on its product portfolio. Reports from Nielson and Information Resources Inc. show mounting demand for sparkling water products, with sales increasing 29% in 2012 and 32% in 2013, which also prompted the company to expand its flavor offerings.

"Absopure prides itself on listening to our customers and innovating to always be a part of their evolving hydration and lifestyle needs," said Absopure Director of Marketing Frank Zolenski. "Cap10 is a healthy alternative for people who prefer a little flavor and carbonation in their beverages but still want the benefits of mineral water and an all-natural product."