Jun 02, 2014

AdEdge Adds Advanced Biological Treatment Technology

AdEdge will commercialize and distribute the biottta technology in North America

AdEdge Water Technologies Carollo Engineers Biotta Biological Treatment

AdEdge Water Technologies announced the addition of biottta advanced biological treatment to its core product offerings. Each biottta system is a pre-engineered, turnkey treatment solution designed to remove nitrate, perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, VOCs and other contaminants from municipal drinking water supplies. biottta is a low-energy treatment process that uses naturally-occurring bacteria to eliminate multiple contaminants from groundwater rather than creating harmful waste streams typically found in ion exchange and reverse osmosis applications. AdEdge Water Technologies entered into an exclusive license agreement with Carollo Engineers to commercialize and distribute the biottta technology in North America. 

biottta has been successfully demonstrated on multiple pilot projects in California and Minnesota and has received California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approval for the removal of nitrate and perchlorate from drinking water.