Adirondack Pure Springs Name Change Completed

Adirondack Pure Springs Mt. Water Co., Inc. has announced that the company has completed the process to change the company name, stock symbol, and corporate domicile from the state of New York to Delaware.

The new company name is Continental Beverage and Nutrition, Inc. In the coming days, the company will announce the process by which shareholders are to return their existing stock certificates for their new Continental Beverage & Nutrition, Inc. certificates, bearing the company's new CUSIP number.

The company initially was formed to produce private label, bottled water from its source in Lake George, New York. Since then, the company has expanded its focus to include the development and packaging of nutritionally enhanced beverages.

Bottled water and enhanced beverages represent the greatest sectors of growth in the beverage industry and are expected to combine for upwards of $15 billion in sales within the next five years.

Adirondack Pure Springs

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