ADS Selected by San Francisco for Large Pipe CSO Temporary Project

Accuracy, Uptime and Ability to Mobilize are Critical

ADS Environmental Services, technology and service provider and a reliable source of knowledge to the global wastewater collection system industry, announced the award of a four-month contract from the City and County of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. This project includes the installation and operation of 100 ADS Model 1502 temporary flow meters. The project objective is to collect sufficient and accurate flow information for the San Francisco Combined Sewer System to calibrate the City’s hydraulic model.

"We selected ADS based on price and their track-record for successfully executing similar projects on schedule and with good results," stated Andrew Lee, infrastructure development program engineer for the City and County of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. "Accurate combined sewer flow monitoring data is required for the City’s Clean Water Master Plan and ADS has the technology as well as the ability to meet our aggressive schedule."

The City is in the process of developing a 30-year Capital Improvement Program for their wastewater system, and it is vitally important that the industry’s best flow monitoring data be collected during a wet weather window in order to successfully calibrate the model. ADS was selected as the lowest priced proposal that met the project requirements, which included: + 5% accuracy as substantiated by third party verification; a minimum 90% uptime for all meter locations; CSO flow monitoring project experience; as well as service and equipment performance under quality control guidelines such as ISO 9001.

It is critical to the City and County of San Francisco that the flow rates in this project are measured with +5% accuracy. The ranges of pipe heights being measured is from 15 inches to 25 feet and many are odd shaped including egg-shaped, basket-shaped and box configurations. A total of 78% of the pipes measured in this project are 36 inches and larger. The USEPA has verified, via the Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV), that ADS technology performs as specified in applications similar to those that are included in this project.

ADS Environmental

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