Agreement Links Two Community Drinking Water Systems

USFilter Provides Microfiltration System for Water Treatment Plant

USFilter has been awarded a contract to supply a 12 million-gallon-per-day (mgd) Memcor Submerged Microfiltration system for the cities of Albany and Millersburg Joint Water Supply Project.

The Albany-Millersburg water treatment plant is the result of a unique intergovernmental agreement for the construction and operation of a jointly owned water supply system that will provide 10 mgd to Albany and 2 mgd to Millersburg of potable water, according to Diane Taniguchi-Dennis, Joint Water Project Manager.

Under the contract that was finalized in early 2003, USFilter will supply a Memcor Continuous Microfiltration-Submerged (CMF-S) to treat surface water from the Santiam River, producing 12 mgd of treated water in the winter and 16.5 mgd in the summer.

The CMF-S system comprises four membrane filtration cells, each cell containing 480 modules. Each of the four cells include "expansion fillers" that can be easily replaced with membrane modules, enabling a 35 percent increase in capacity at a minimal cost.

USFilter's Memcor system also includes some valuable features such as a specially designed service access platform that minimizes installation and maintenance of the CMF-S membranes and equipment, and an automatic system integrity test that monitors removal of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The Memcor CMF-S system is designed to allow the water treatment plant to be expanded to the final build-out capacity of 26 MGD through the addition of one additional membrane filtration cell.

USFilter was selected by a panel that included representatives from both the cities of Albany and Millersburg and their consultant, CH2M HILL. The selection criteria according to Rich Frankenfield, CH2M HILL design manager, consisted of a financial evaluation based on life-cycle costs and non-financial factors such as proposal responsiveness, financial stability, system flexibility, manufacturer?s research and development program and expected performance based upon similar installations.

When the plant starts-up in late 2005, it will be the largest drinking water plant to use membrane technology in Oregon.


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