Akrion Patents a New Cleaning System Using Pressurized Mist and Ozone Generation

Akrion has received U.S. patent number 6,626,189 for a new method of substrate cleaning.

Akrion's continuous improvement philosophy and dedication to developing applications solutions for its customers has led to the development of a new system for wafer-surface preparation. The patent is for a new process tank and method for processing substrates using pressurized mist and ozone generation.

Many uses for this system will be developed, including cleaning, rinsing, photoresist stripping and drying applications. The mist-delivery system will be particularly useful for increasing the photoresist stripping capability of the company's patented DIO3(TM) process using highly concentrated ozonated water. The patent covers the means of delivering the pressurized mist, applying acoustical energy (such as with megasonic cleaning) and drying, all in the same tank system.

"We continue to find new technologies to enhance our surface-preparation capabilities," said Dr. Richard E. Novak, chief technical officer for Akrion. "All of our effort is with the goal of helping customers improve their processes and enhance their product lines."


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