Alamo Water, TexSon Alliance Gives Customers Chance to Increase Market Share

Alamo Water Refiners Inc. has formed an alliance with a new water treatment products company headed by veteran former employees that will serve the needs of certain longtime customers.

The non-competitive referral agreement is between Alamo Water and TexSon Water Inc. Under the agreement, customers who call Alamo Water in search of water treatment products that the company no longer carries will be referred to TexSon Water. TexSon will carry many non-stock items and special order products that may be phased out of the Alamo Water inventory.

In turn, TexSon Water will not approach existing Alamo Water clients nor accept requests for products or services that Alamo Water provides for those customers.

"Alamo Water has worked over the past two years to focus more tightly on key segments of our customer and product base," said Chris Wilker, President/General Manager of Alamo Water. "This focus allows us to find ways to help increase market share for our customers, many of whom have done business with us for years."

"We feel very good about this association with TexSon because we know our customers and vendors will get the kind of quality service and care that we have provided them for decades."

TexSon Water is headed by Scott Buss and Dan Cammack, son of Alamo Water founder Huette "Sonny" Cammack. Together, with their staff, they have more than five decades of experience in the water treatment products industry, almost all of which was earned at Alamo Water.

"I understand and support the decisions that Chris Wilker and the management of Alamo Water have made in the past year to grow the business my father started back in 1965," Cammack said.

"We appreciate the vote of confidence and support from Alamo Water. We anticipate TexSon Water will fill the gap for specific Alamo Water customers and vendors, while providing excellent customer service and high-quality water treatment products."

Alamo Water

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