Dec 09, 2010

Alchemical Capital Corp. Changes Name to Advanced Water Technology Holdings

Company also recently moved to Delaware

Alchemical Capital Corp. announced that it moved to Delaware and changed its name to Advanced Water Technology Holdings Inc. (AWTH) in order to become a premier provider in advanced water technology solutions and applications in the global water processing, purification and disinfection markets.

Focusing on key emerging markets and non-chemical technology such as ultraviolet, ozone, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration, AWTH will look to acquire businesses with proven technology in these areas. In addition to expanding in the United States, AWTH will work on developing a product and services distributing channel in emerging markets, with initial emphasis in China.

“This is a very exciting time for AWTH in light of market conditions to provide water solutions for stressing water markets,” said Basilio Chen, founder and CEO of AWTH. “It gives us the opportunity to strive to become a market leader in water-related technology solutions.”

In addition to the name change, a new management team has been formed to lead the company. Chen has experience in bringing technologies like broadband Internet and e-appliances to the market. His motto is “Bringing the hi-tech to lo-tech (HTLT),” for building sustainable solutions as the new trend. He believes the era of disposability ended in 2000 and that the world, with its growing population, now needs sustainable green solutions. William E. Cooper will serve as vice president of corporate development, with Dirk Speas as vice president of business operations and Kim Le as vice president of finance.