Sep 21, 2011

Alex Zhang Appointed Managing Director of Water Systems in Asia-Pacific for NSF Intl.

Appointee’s expertise in treatment technologies and international regulations to help companies access global markets

NSF Intl. appointed Alex Zhang to managing director of its Water Systems Div. in the Asia-Pacific region. Previously Zhang was general manager of NSF’s Shanghai operations. His 16 years of experience in water treatment technologies, operations management and international water quality regulations will assist companies with global compliance and market access.

An expert in drinking water quality, Zhang has a proven track record in growing business in China, as well as knowledge and expertise in international public health standards and policies. In his new role, he will oversee NSF Intl.’s water programs in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and India, the largest exporters of commercial and residential water treatment products. His primary responsibilities will include growing NSF’s testing, auditing and certification services as they relate to water treatment and distribution products produced in Asia.

Prior to his tenure with NSF Intl., Zhang launched the Asia-Pacific operations for GE Water Residential & Commercial group in Shanghai as operations leader for GE Water & Process Technologies. He also served as general manager of EcoWater China.

“Alex’s business expertise and knowledge of international public health regulations and policies for water have proven to be invaluable in expanding NSF’s testing, auditing and certification operations in China,” said NSF Intl. President and CEO Kevan P. Lawlor. “In his new role, Alex will continue to help companies gain access to new export markets and demonstrate compliance with global water safety and quality standards.”