American Career Centers, Inc., Completes Major New Distribution Pact for Its Water Star Subsidiary

American Career Centers, Inc., has announced that its Water Star Bottling subsidiary that it recently acquired has completed a new major distribution agreement.

This agreement with one of the largest distributors of specialty foods will be distributing the company's Geyser Water products through their Midwest and Southwest distribution system.

"This new distribution agreement gives us the opportunity to place our Geyser products in virtually every heath food store and numerous chains. This new channel of distribution also gives us access to the specialty food sections in supermarkets through their Midwest and Southwest distribution system," Thomas Krucker, president of ACCI, stated.

"It is key to our business strategy to increase the depth of our distribution capability. We are already sold in all 50 states but having exposure to more retail distribution will help build the Geyser brand on a national basis. I believe we are one of the few small companies to have such a national presence for its beverage products," Krucker added.

Consumers already have endorsed Water Star's unique product line and demonstrated its preference for Geyser's unique packaging and flavored drinks with about $8 million in annual sales for the past few years. Since being acquired by ACCI, Water Star has moved to expand its already extensive distribution system. This latest agreement is a very important step in building our sales growth.

The company recently added six new points of distribution in the greater New York area, new distribution has been obtained in the Northwest, and in Nevada one of the largest supermarket chains will stock Water Star's products in all 27 of its stores in the Las Vegas area.

"It is our continuing goal to build a national brand recognition for our unique water from 'The Geyser.' Our brand combines products that consumers love and a name and package that is easily recognized," Jerry Ludeman, chief executive officer of Geyser Products, the company's marketing and distribution arm, stated. "We believe that our distribution network, our brand and our dedication to providing the finest products, are the keys to building a national brand."

Water Star

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